Tuesday, January 24, 2012


i was at the thrift store last week and i spotted a book called "simplify your life" i grabbed it in a hurry thinking "perfect! just what i want" then i saw the subtitle..."get organized & stay that way" and i let out a groan. the last thing i wanted to think about was the unthinkable task of getting organized. (think about that sentence) where would i start? good sense won and i bought the book. that's where i started. now i have a family planner, the paper monster vanished, the content of my inbox is a 3 digit number and dropping daily, the laundry is tolerable 'cause i stay caught up and i write everything down! it's not perfect, but it's organized.
the author must be spiritual 'cause at the end of each chapter is 'a simple prayer of thanks'  this is the one after the chapter 'maximize mealtimes'
dear god,thank you for the blessings of family & friends.  Help my kitchen to become a place of refuge from the day and encouragement for facing whatever life brings tomorrow.  fill our mealtimes with love & laughter. and help me to make changes that will make it fun to be at my house. amen.
i like the part about my kitchen being a place to find refuge and encouragement. i want that. and luckily for me i already have fun at my house.  if you're reading this and you don't have fun at your house you might want to try this prayer out;)
my family planner is the best!  everything in one mobile spot.  i got mine at polar peeks books & treasures.

i haven't actually finished reading the book yet. (i'm not that organized) i'm looking forward to the upcoming chapters 'conquer cleaning & clutter'  'simplify your parenting' & 'simply have a great day'
with all this simplifying i've had some extra time to write...here's the latest spoken word

2am angel

i pray to god
'cause i'm a sole guardian
i signed a line that legally binds
that boy's all mine.
so god
when you gonna send
a guardian angel?
so my soul guardianship
shines on so long
i see my soul son
in his soulful boyhood boredom
reach his wholesome manhood
i pray his face
never placed against a
cruiser hood
& could ya
would ya
grant me peace, serenity &
regard for humanity
should the cruiser hood days show up
before the man i up and raised
and i pray you find a way
to remind me of my own soulful ways
so in a moment i don't!
breathe in peace, breathe out love
rise above
raise my prayer
thanks and praise
for my journey today
'cause a mamas biggest weakness
is her imagination of the bleakest
we gotta slow down and nurture
our own damn souls
who signed up to guardian my dotted soul line?
me, myself, and i!
 and i'm doing just fine
& it's fine time i wrote a rhyme
designed to describe
my fears.
oh! now you're all ears!
whisperin' 'i can;t believe i'm hear'n this?'
yes i said it!
i worry i might let it
all fall to pieces
do everything so unmistakenly wrong some
childhood psychatrist will
write her thesis
based on my mothering style
all the while
my daily exsistence is merely
trial & error
is it any wonder
i woke from my cruiser lights night terror
with the urge to write a prayer?
it's 2am.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a day in a life...

another day, another blog post, another new year's resolution.  to write...simply~write.  it happens so fast. one minute you're rising, the next you're hitting the sac. the days fly by and i struggle to capture small moments...glimpses of my life that become cherished memories.  so this year...2012 i intend to capture these moments with my words.  it's not hard...just make time to write~something i love to do.  so authentic mama breathes life again, and it's up to you..yes YOU to keep me motivated. please post a comment if you believe in a mama who wants to s...l...o...w...down and give story to her life.

in the fall of 2011 i participated in the 30 day yoga challenge at essential yoga studio here in fernie, bc. the challenge? 30 days of yoga in 40 days time. i feel compelled to write about this experience today, because well...i want to capture it. i was so proud of myself after the challenge was over. it was hard getting to the studio nearly everyday, but i bent over backwards (no pun intended) and got there, and completed the challenge with one day to spare! wow! you can do anything you put your mind to..and yoga is a great way to help clear your mind.

i couldn't have known how much i need yoga in my life if i hadn't signed up for the challenge.  being at the studio everyday became ritual, and now practicing yoga is  ritual. i rise i salute the sun...it makes me feel like i've taken some time to connect with my mind, body, spirit...and our life force the sun.  after the challenge i didn't have a lot of money to spend on classes at the studio...another wish for 2012. but  i found a fantastic website that i find really affordable that has some great classes. my personal fave is forest yoga with cher. if you're in a similar situation check out yogadownload.com there are even some free 20 minute classes!  don't get carried away though...be sure to get back to the studio and connect with your local yogis. 

okay...the time is now. this is my latest affirmation and mantra.  i have a few messages to myself in random spots in my kitchen.  the time is now.  a reminder of the book...'the power of now' by eckhart tolle.  everything is okay right now. in this moment, this action, right now.  in 2012 i intend to live in the now as much as possible.

fingertips at home row
delivering the flow
of my mind
it's time to stop the rewind
quit being behind
the time
the past is gone
the future is strong
but the now belongs
in the music
of your songs
like my freestyle
it's been a while
but i'ma make ya smile
with my lyrical steez
urban dictionaries
if you don't follow with ease
like my rhymes come to me
i type to slow to catch the flow
of my lyrics
for now you hear it
in the now
don't fear it...

i gotta do that more often.  i'm asleep. if you want to write spoken word, just do it. sit down and write. see what comes to mind.  it's all good writing if you take the time to do it. don't fall asleep.
i'm putting together a show..."when i grow up" an evening of spoken word with tanya malcolm.
stay tuned...