Thursday, August 30, 2012

High Moon

I didn't notice the moonshine until it was gone...
It inspired a piece.

Moon's bright and shinin' high
Clouds in the sky
Come and go 
'till the moon's so low
The coals are nearly out
I kiss your mouth
Hearts beat hard against chests
You've got the fuel
I've got the breathe
Let's stir it up and get these flames
Burnin' high all night again
The heat makes me glow
Toasted gold
Like the tone 
Of your face in this light
From this fire through the night
Hold me tight.
I'll keep you warm by my side 
A lioness I got pride
I can tell by your eyes
A flick'r of desire
There lies
Reflect the fire of my love.
Lets' rise above
Like the moon
I gravitate and soon
You have me 

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