Friday, April 5, 2013

Ode To My Eyes

It's been a while...I have inspiration to be here today.  Mama Glow.
She says 'write a poem to a body part that needs LOVE...'

Ode To My Eyes

Your chocolate  brown center delights
Your brightness shines
You seek the divine
So you squint at every new line
You force our face into awkward angles
So it won't look like the 
Skin under our chin
You summon my mind, thoughts powerfully shape...

My perception of my shape.

You see arms that grew wider
Breasts that hang longer
Thighs that touch beneath
My sacred yoni
Surely you'll let go of the bony girl of our youth
Surely you'll see that these lines, rolls & curves
Give me substance & strength & a purpose to serve
A temple for our baby
Ample hips for her
...passage safely
Milk flowing from the tissue within
My breast
To nourish & sustain
Our precious daughter
You'll see her wholesome & clean
The essence of 'Queen'
May your chocolate brown colour
& bright shining ways
bless her sight as she grows 
But may she know
From the start
To see beauty within
She'll use the eye of her heart...

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