Wednesday, March 9, 2011

both hands

well hello!!!  i have so much to write about it's wild.  i have to start with last night's women's day event!  oh my gawd! what an amazing array of local talent. was glorious.  the bickertons, mobinagalore, sonia roy & the community choir, courtney baker, tim & sage, and of course me...
i have to say the highlight of the night, for myself, was when the community choir sang 'lean on me'  the harmony was magnificent, and the diversity of the women in that choir lit up the stage!  sonia's solo was cool..and i mean cool, like funky, jazzy, sunglasses in a candle lit cafe...'just call on me sistas when you need a hand...' actually i cried.  i took video, and unfortunately my battery died before their version of 'lean on me' but this french song was fun too!
so sonia is my best friend...and she also gives me singing lessons.  well, they aren't really formal lessons, it's just when we are together we usually end up singing, and then i ask her for help, and she gives me fantastic advice.  so i was working on this piece for the event by ani difraco called 'both hands' i sang it to her the other afternoon while we're out walking and she gives me some pointers and then tells me that on the day of the performance i'm not allowed to sing it..not at all, not one measly little time!  she said "sing anything else you want to sing, but not that song, that way when you perform on stage it will be pure, fresh & organic"   so i'm playing a whole bunch of other songs that day and  i realize that my version of bob marley's 'redemption song' is pretty good.  so i change my entire set and decide to open with this piece.  about an hour before the show my belly starts feeling really strange... my hands start sweating, i feel just horrible! butterflies!  terminal butterflies!  these butterflies are going to kill me! so i call sonia..
" i am so nervous!!!!!"  and what do i get...her beautiful laugh and a big sigh...not exactly the words of encouragement i was hoping for.  so i continue " i don't know if i can sing my song?!"  (that is in a super frantic voice.)  again *sigh*  then finally she says  "take that energy in your belly and harvest it...'cause you're gonna need'll be great!" (that's more like it)
well i don't know if i did any of what she said because honestly when i tried to sing both my songs nothing seemed to go right!  which is why i titled this post 'both hands'  because neither of my hands would follow the directions my brain was sending! it was the most bizarre feeling...good thing i can deliver the spoken werd...'cause those rhymes saved my set! here's the photos

what an awesome way to finish my women's day! today was jam packed! get the boys ready..then decide winston should stay with me for the day because his cold isn't getting better, go to the ECD (early childhood development) meeting hosted by jodie parker.  do y'all know about the website ekkids?  check it out for anything kid related in the east kootenays.  then off to womb to grow. 2pm early dismissal at nesta's school for parent teacher conferences...oh ya i'm blogging now, and so i've started carrying my camera here's a glimpse of nesta's classroom, teacher, and a few of these amazing murals painted throughout the entire interior of his school I.D.E.S

as those of you who know nesta already are aware of...he's gifted! so naturally the parent teacher conferences are a breeze;)  continuing on with my day planning committee meeting at the tea house! where supabuttafly dawn deydey and her trashy but flashy partner in crime megan realized it is the 5th anniversary of the trashy but flashy fashion show!  so get your creative juices flowing, find some trash and enter a costume into the show!  this year's earth day event is gonna be the best fact we're celebrating a whole week!  so keep you eye out for the schedule of events April 18th through 22nd!
here's dawn and megan...the gals who started it all!

then...i discovered that the new organic market is now  i went and checked it out.  the new shop is adorable! really...if i could live inside a market, i would choose cincott organic market.  here's a glimpse...
then...i went home, made dinner, made lunches, made my kids take a bath and go to bed, and made up my mind about my both hands...they're pretty useful!

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