Sunday, March 6, 2011

empty lot

for dinner i made fritata. i don't know why, but i'ven never made frittata before.  so it was one of those scenerios where i was looking in the refridgerator and the only whole foods in there were a red and green pepper, half a red onion, and some celery...time to hit the market!  there was however, two cartons of eggs, and i knew we had red potatoes. so i instantly thought i'd try this frittata thing.  i was expecting all the veggies to hit the bottom of the pan, but the fried peppers and onions stayed at the bottom and the potatoes and goatcheese was on the i had this two sided dish..very interesting?

last night the snowflakes were huge!  after dinner we decided to head outdoors and play in the snow.  now, for apartment dwellers, you may ask where we played?  the most amazing opportunity has presented itself in the past few months...across the back alley of our place is an empty lot.  i tracked down the owner and it turns out it's my recently retired dentist! so i find out his email address, ask his permission to use his lot as our backyard and to garden on this summer and he replies enthusiastically yes!  this arrangement provides the perfect solution for the pitfalls of apartment living. a whole city lot as my playground. wow?so here are the pictures i took of my clan enjoying our newly borrowed winter wonderland!  i haven't figured out the settings for my camera at night so please excuse the artistic style...

it's my day off, i'm going to make a duvet cover and go for a run...

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