Thursday, March 17, 2011

sunny day slideshow

all this talk about my youth, i have been neglecting my present.  it is really sunny outside today...perfect day for a road trip to canmore.  i thought i'd post some random photos that i took over the past few days that will give you a glimpse of my days in fernie. goes.

nesta has written a novel.  it's called 'the monster adventurers'.  there is 6 characters in his novel, and they are on a mission through time warps, port holes and even to the top of mount everest to capture the monsters of the past, present and future.  it is quite an impressive story, with illustrations, table of contents, even a synopsis on the back cover.  because he wrote it in pencil, it is starting to he is in the process of typing it in word.  it's been a slow process, but he has mentioned himself that in doing so he is becoming much more familiar with the whereabouts of specific letters on the keyboard.  i am really happy about his motivation in this project.  he wants to have it published, and i'm supporting him 100%.

on fernie foodie friday i mentioned that i cook four nights a week, but then i only posted three meals...ya'll didn't even notice!  i made tuna melts and greek salad one night last week, took the photos and everything  so might as well post 'em now. i'll skip the's tuna melts for heavens sake!

on griz days i posted photos of the craft fair, which inspired me to get more crafty, but there is also a pancake breakfast, i snapped this shot of my boys enjoying the flapjacks! (doesn't dan look impressed;)
on monday i had an interview at the pizza shoppe.  i've been looking for a way to earn more money, so i'm going to deliver pizza pies a couple nights a week!  sonia was kind enough to come to my house to look after my boys during my interview.  her boy naome (now-o-may) heard us talking about pizza and became determined to have some. i had a bit of time before my interview and i happen to have a great recipe for dough.  it's simple, and fast! (post a comment below if you want it) so i said lets make pizza! i was starting to run out of time and i thought that my excuse for being late to the interview at a pizza shoppe was a fairly good one!  "sorry i was making pizza for my kids"
i got the job by the way, so if you're in town i'll be seeing you around on ten dollar tuesday!  on my way home i stopped into the organic market and bought the most amazing carrots!

then nesta tells me that originally all carrots were purple...did you know that? my kid is full of really useful trivia type knowledge!
that's naome!  that child knows something! he is stop goggling over his cuteness and take a look at the carrots on the salad! aren't they pretty?

after my interview nesta and winston wanted to play 'town'  this creative game involves turning their bedroom into main street.  first i went to the bank, then i went to a new restaurant called 'nesta's bestas'

the food was fantastic!  i still have to post photos and tell stories about dan's birthday party, fernie ghostrider hockey games, family games night, and a couple of jedi warriors living under my own roof!  and it feels like i'll be needing the force to make time to get to it all..until then...i'm road trippin' to alberta!!

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