Saturday, March 5, 2011


so i have this vision of myself fulfilling all my deepest desires, being surrounded by all the people i love and they all believe in me.
i am on my path...but i'm not quite there. this blog is dedicated to the journey to my authentic self. that means i can say anything i want here as long as it's from my heart. i can dream big here. i can journal here, rhyme here, craft here, mother here, wife here, be alone here....i'm in love with this space already. for today i'm going to start with my dreams. a list.
and luck for myself and those i love
business ease
a balanced budget
a daughter
a farm
all the time i can handle
a massive garden
tully, new york
artistic expression
home school
spoken werd...'werd' as in recognition of another's statement or 'werd up' or 'werd to your mama'
my birth mother
and of course...laughter.
i've been procrastinating at womb to grow...following blogs written by all the soulemama's out there and decided i haven't been spending quite enough time on me. so i decided to take some pictures of the day starting with the coffee cake my man made when i came home from work...
then i decided i'd better really document the appreciation i felt for the coffee cake (and the man who made it) and i took this shot...
and to really give my man full props i couldn't leave out where he got the recipe....drum roll please. oh you know it...martha. my favourite homemakin' mama. so i had to take one more photograph.
and did you catch the title...'new york' style crumb cake. "upstate!!" (in my b.girl urban ghetto voice)
lisa's in town. and she brought a cake of her own...who needs plates? luckily for us it's griz days in town so we had lots of activities for the rest of the night to wear off the sugar high...

well..the snow is still falling, and i've finished my first post on 'my' blog. the sun will rise soon, so i'm off to catch some zzz's and some more big dreams...

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