Monday, March 7, 2011

shortcuts & sunny days

the past couple of days it has been glorious outside!!! this morning i actually spoke to the sun! it went something like this..."well good morning old friend nice to see you again"  winston looked up at me and said "i wanna see, i wanna see"  so i lifted him up to look out the window and he said "who you talkin' to?"
he looked very confused. it was a beautiful morning though.
we started the day off without the chocolate today.  both my boys wanted fruit.  the mornings can often be very rushed, but this morning we had time to enjoy each other, and spend some time talking over breakfast.
i'm really enjoying writing authentic mama.  and i'm taking way more pictures than i normally would.  capturing little moments that i fear i may have taken for granted before wanting to share them with you.
sunday monday are my days off my 'paid' job. i always highlight the fact that just because i'm not at 'work' doesn't mean i'm not 'working' there's a spoken werd piece developing on that subject in my mind, but it hasn't come yet...too bad because it would be perfect for tomorrow night's international women's day event that i'm performing at.  it's the 100th anniversary of women's day!  that blows my mind!  in 1911 some bad ass women had it together enough to demand a day!  internationally recognized at that!

yesterday i got crafty.  part of writing this blog is to give me inspiration to get in touch with my artistic side.  and i want to do more sewing.  when i was a kid my mum used to get me to thread her sewing machine for her, because her eyes were bad...i remember rolling my eyes at this, but let me tell you, i had some serious nostalgia yesterday trying to get the damn thread through the eye of that needle.
i'm not really feeling very creative, so i took out a book on sewing at the library that includes some projects...can you guess who it's written by?
oh martha...i love you.  so i'm making this new duvet cover.  i have a sweet cover that i LOVE but it's brown with these funky polkadot circles spattered on it and i want something a bit more fresh for spring.  so..martha says get yourself a couple of flat sheets the same size as your duvet sew 'em together and bam! new duvet cover!  i got my sheets at the sally ann.

thrifted for $4...i repeat $4! pale yellow and beige. i wanted two different colours so i could change it up every once in a while.  martha said wash, dry and press, but i thought i'd do that after i made it, and besides i don't have an ironing board.  this is a shortcut i do NOT recommend, because it made the next step...pinning it all together...nearly impossible!

so with the 36 dollars i save on thrifting and crafting instead of buying a new cover, i'm gonna look for a new ironing board..maybe i'll luck out and thrift that too!  i love how the cover turned looks so fresh on my bed, and the reversible shades are just what i wanted.

yes...that's my double size bed...the real art of co-sleeping happens in a double...on the prowl for a queen all the keep me in mind if you ever see one in great condition on the cheap.
and lastly a close up of my new duvet and the full set of 'summery' sheets i scooped up at the same time for another $ dollars.  total value of new bedding $8...gotta love that
and at the end of the day just before dinner, my boys spent some time together...maybe even spoke to the sun...who knows?


  1. Loving reading what you're up to hun! Keep it up! xx Em

  2. look at you miss craft! my substitute for an ironing board is a couple towels on top of a table. works pretty good. x0dawn

  3. oops, it's nicole reading this! nice one. but carm thinks it's nice too! :0